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mix|1 – Dub Shadow Steppers Mix, Dub Shadow Roots Mix

Two solid mixes from Dub Shadow, UK. Crucial selection.

Dub Shadow – Steppers Mix
meditative basslines and constant bass drum beats ina 70s style. mix can be squeezed on a single side of an audio tape.

Get the tracklisting from his blog In Search of a Word… including comments on each tune or from soundcloud.

Dub Shadows – Roots Reggae Mix
tracklisting here


History and Evolution of Dub

What is so fascinating about dub? Watch this documentary to find out and learn about the development of a musical genre and style that had an incredible impact on modern music. This movie features a comprehensive overview with lots of prominent artists, musicians and producers  who have set or still set their landmark on the evolution of dub.This movie starts focusing on the roots of dub music in Jamaica before taking off to Europe where it has an enormous impact on the contemporary music scene.The list of interviewees includes first generation performers like Bunny “Striker” Lee, Sly and Robbie, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Scientist, King Jammy and artists of the contemporary european dub scene like Mad Professor, Aba Shanti I, Peter Kruder, G Corp, Kode 9 and and and…

Needless to say more…it’s all about the original drum and bass flavoured with heaps of echoes and reverbs.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:


Wicked, wicked, wicked.

The dub.com page is a pearl for all dub lovers. This page has tons of interesting links and last but not least ballistic dub mixes, all downloadable and with tracklisting.

Check out this site and explore the universe of dub. Go deh!

Uni of Dub – forthcoming sessions

Here is an update of the Uni of Dub sessions dates.

Friday 18th July
Entebbe, Channel One & Aba-Shanti-I

Friday 22nd August
King Shiloh, Jah Tubbys & Aba-Shanti-I

Get some information about the soundsystems and visit their sites.

Aba Shanti I

King Shiloh

Jah Tubbys

Channel One

Entebbe Soundsystem – This site was partly hacked when i visited it. Shame.

Click here for the University of Dub homepage.

Enough Dubs – Dubstep Compilation

Enough records
following this link.