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mix|1 – Dub Shadow Steppers Mix, Dub Shadow Roots Mix

Two solid mixes from Dub Shadow, UK. Crucial selection.

Dub Shadow – Steppers Mix
meditative basslines and constant bass drum beats ina 70s style. mix can be squeezed on a single side of an audio tape.

Get the tracklisting from his blog In Search of a Word… including comments on each tune or from soundcloud.

Dub Shadows – Roots Reggae Mix
tracklisting here



There is a splendid mix on spannered.org by Scotland’s number 1 soundsystem Mungo’s HiFi. Dig into the dub and dubstep flavoured vibes. Wicked Scotch Bonnet productions!!!

Dr Auratheft Mixes

Enjoy the fabulous music sessions of Dr Auratheft and download his mixes at


A journey from dub and reggae to hip hop and dancehall.

Furthermore you can receive more information about Dr Auratheft musical works by clicking on this link, leading you to his blog. Enjoy!


Answer Riddim Clash by John Eden

Answer is one of many Studio One classic riddims. Originally performed by Slim Smith (Never let go) in 1969 this riddim is named after Lone Ranger’s tune The Answer which was recorded in 1976 at Coxsonne’s Studio One. Listen to John Eden’s version excursion and the many cuts of the Answer. Click on the tape and eeez! This and much more valuable music and information you will find on www.uncarved.org!

Answer Riddim Clash by John Eden

basic.ch – live and archived dj mixes

A vast database of dj mixes in different styles. If you like different vibes of black and electronic music then this is a site to keep in mind! Click the image…