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Last One: Underwater Dancehall – Dubstep @ Quellklub – Bonn Better Know & Distortured, Bonn – Bad Godesberg – 26-02-2011

The Bonn Better Know crew calls out for the next dubstep session scheduled for the 26th february. The event will take place at the venue  Quellklub that is situated in the middle of a small park and opened up just a few months ago. So if you are sick of  boring mainstream music and the Bonn famous business as usual style then…this is the place to go. Line up: Bassrael, Napalm Dread and Tourette invite distortured from Cologne/ Berlin and all dubstep massive. Daubers stay far!

Dubstep im Quellklub
Bonn Better Know & Distortured
26.02.2011 – 22 Uhr – 4 €

Quellklub is easily accessible by bus, tram and train!

Nuff’ respect goes out to BBK and the Quellklub staff! Keep the vibe alive.


Größere Kartenansicht


Dub Confrontation – Roots, Dub, Dubstep @ Gebäude 9, Cologne


The next Sub 9 session called Dub Confronatation will be held as usual at the Gbeäude 9 in Cologne-Deutz on February 11. Crucial vibes with lots of bass!

Line Up: Tabanackle Playaz, Roots’n’Fruits, Bakubo.

Gates open 23:00.

How 2 get there:


There is a splendid mix on spannered.org by Scotland’s number 1 soundsystem Mungo’s HiFi. Dig into the dub and dubstep flavoured vibes. Wicked Scotch Bonnet productions!!!

Enough Dubs – Dubstep Compilation

Enough records
following this link.