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Last One: Underwater Dancehall – Dubstep @ Quellklub – Bonn Better Know & Distortured, Bonn – Bad Godesberg – 26-02-2011

The Bonn Better Know crew calls out for the next dubstep session scheduled for the 26th february. The event will take place at the venue  Quellklub that is situated in the middle of a small park and opened up just a few months ago. So if you are sick of  boring mainstream music and the Bonn famous business as usual style then…this is the place to go. Line up: Bassrael, Napalm Dread and Tourette invite distortured from Cologne/ Berlin and all dubstep massive. Daubers stay far!

Dubstep im Quellklub
Bonn Better Know & Distortured
26.02.2011 – 22 Uhr – 4 €

Quellklub is easily accessible by bus, tram and train!

Nuff’ respect goes out to BBK and the Quellklub staff! Keep the vibe alive.


Größere Kartenansicht


Treasure Isle Band live and direct @ Kult 41 – Bonn

Treasure Isle Band @ Kult 41, Bonn. 22.10.2010, starts at 19:30 sharp

The concert series at the Kult 41 will be highlighted by one of the most serious live reggae acts in the region on the 22nd of october. This time the Treasure Isle Band enters the stage to spread some crucial vibes. Concisting of nine musicians, the band’s musical core lies in the roots of reggae, playing and grooving in a classic style. The jamaican singer duo Out of Many, which joined the band in last october, persuades the audience with their well versed voices, whilst the musicians cook on high flame. The band will be accompanied by the rap’n’roll combo Querfälltein  from Cologne, which is going to be th first act of the night. The concert starts at 19:30 sharp and is definitely worth 5€.

Links: Treasure Isle Band

19.12.2009: Icebreaker Dub on the River & Bar Ludwig Afterboat Party

a special announcement by Captain Dub:

alle Jahre wieder..für alle Daheimgebliebenen und Heimkehrer ein Lichtblick im grau-kalten Bonn , die Dubfamily lädt ein :

BONN, am SAMSTAG !!! 19.Dez. bricht der Dubcruiser das musikalische Eis auf dem Rhein

um 19°°Uhr ist Abfahrt am Alten Zoll Anleger 3
nur die Harten komm in Garten…ääh aufs Schiff , heisse Dubs flavoured mit einer Priese Balkan von einer

Was tun ,wenn das Boot plötzlich wieder um 23°°Uhr zurück ist ?
….nur 300 m vom Anleger ist der angesagteste Club in Bonn (an Land!) die BAR LUDWIG wo Ihr nach Herzenslust bis zum frühen morgen zappeln könnt.

klingt gut ? mit Boardingticket vom Dubcruiser kommt Ihr umsonst zur AfterboarParty !!!
100 limited Tickets sind ab sofort bei MOMO im VVK :17.- €
welcome on board !!


wir freuen uns auf diese Wintertour übern Rhein mit Euch
ZIONATION & Käptn Dub & die Future Roots Crew

Dub on the River: Zion Gate Rockers set sail on the ice breaker – winter edition

A special reggae session is coming up in december. Located on a small boat which accommodates just about 100 people, two  sounds will heat up the vibes and provide pure upliftment in this unusual place. Zionation and Future Roots who had quite a few collaborations in the last years and hosted artists like Earl Sixteen, Hammerbass and Brother Culture will herald the christmas time with a four hour boat trip up and down the river Rhine around Bonn. After the cruise the massive can continue dancing and chanting at the afterboat party, held at the fairly new location known as Bar Ludwig. The bar is just around the corner from the landing. Fab! Dub on the River starts on 19 december at 7 pm and finishes at 11 pm, the bar opens at 10:30 pm and closes between 5 and 6 am. There are 100 limited boat-tickets available that can be purchased for 17€ at the organic store “Bioladen Momo“. For all who can’t get a boat-ticket there is the afterboat party at the bar which is 4 bucks entry.

Don’t be late – the dance will be great!

Boat trip: dub on the river, ice breaker – winter edition. 19 december, 7-11pm, Bonn – Alter Zoll.

Afterboat party: Pressure Drop @ Bar Ludwig (opposite opera building), 10:30 pm till 6 am.