University of Dub – Upcoming Sessions

The University of Dub in London moved locations this year. Not the breaking news anymore but always worth to mention since the old venue SE One Club was quite an unappealing place for an uplifting event. The new venue Scala hosts the Uni of Dub now. The next sessions are held on

Friday 18th december with Aba-Shanti-I, Fatman International Sound and Iration Steppers

Friday 12th february 2010 presenting Aba-Shanti-I,  Iration Steppas and Blackboard Jungle from France

Friday 19th march 2010 featuring Negus Melody, Entebbe Sound and Aba-Shanti-I.

For more information visit Rise Up!

For some inspiration have a look here:

Aba Shanti I (facebook)

Iration Steppas – Vanguard of Dub

Blackboard Jungle

Fatman International

The Scala is located here:


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