Kanka – sub.mersion on Hammerbass

Strictly “Drum and Bass”. The new album “submersion” by Kanka comes with heavy basslines and rough drum patterns which are loaded with dynamite. Each track has it’s own character and follows the style of Kanka’s previous releases. What’s so enchanting about this album is the combination of dub tracks and vocal tunes. A couple of brilliant singers and toasters like old dj veteran Ranking Joe, MC Olivia from the Blackboard Jungle soundsystem, Biga Ranx or Moyenei from Mexico are toasting and singing over Kanka’s tunes, giving the album its unique verve. The third album by Kanka has been released on Paris based Hammerbass Records, a label well regarded for stunning french dub productions. This album is a must have for all dub heads and lovers of heavyweight bass music. Forward ever, backward never!

Kanka – Submersion Tracklisting:
1. Introdubtion
2. Anesthesia
3. Make It This Time Featuring Biga
4. Morning
5. Destiny
6. Popland
7. Kroket Featuring MC Oliva
8. Mexican Dub
9. One Dub
10. Rome Featuring Ranking Joe
11. Indian Time
12. Marrakech Dub
13. Ya Estas Aqui Featuring Moyenei


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