Dub on the River: Zion Gate Rockers set sail on the ice breaker – winter edition

A special reggae session is coming up in december. Located on a small boat which accommodates just about 100 people, two  sounds will heat up the vibes and provide pure upliftment in this unusual place. Zionation and Future Roots who had quite a few collaborations in the last years and hosted artists like Earl Sixteen, Hammerbass and Brother Culture will herald the christmas time with a four hour boat trip up and down the river Rhine around Bonn. After the cruise the massive can continue dancing and chanting at the afterboat party, held at the fairly new location known as Bar Ludwig. The bar is just around the corner from the landing. Fab! Dub on the River starts on 19 december at 7 pm and finishes at 11 pm, the bar opens at 10:30 pm and closes between 5 and 6 am. There are 100 limited boat-tickets available that can be purchased for 17€ at the organic store “Bioladen Momo“. For all who can’t get a boat-ticket there is the afterboat party at the bar which is 4 bucks entry.

Don’t be late – the dance will be great!

Boat trip: dub on the river, ice breaker – winter edition. 19 december, 7-11pm, Bonn – Alter Zoll.

Afterboat party: Pressure Drop @ Bar Ludwig (opposite opera building), 10:30 pm till 6 am.


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